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I am supporting companies in national and international projects to realize their ideas and projects within the planned time, scope and budget. Benefit from broad projectchange and interim management experience in Germany and in other countries for your projects. In the explanatory video you will find a short summary of what these roles are.

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Professionalism, flexibility and reliability

My cooperation with network partners permits not only access to "state-of-the-art" methods but also goal-oriented and competent project management from a single source - whether as "temporary staff", as a consultant for conceptual development work or for implementing the derived measures. 

Our memberships allow us to exchange ideas and experience on professional as well as entrepreneurial issues. We get involved and play an active part - so that we and our partners will be competent partners for you. Now and in the future. In addition, we regularly publish the contents of our work in articles and contribute with impulse presentations at specialist conferences.

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Michael Risch
Business Consultant

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Projects usually have a strong IT connection - not just since digitization has become a megatrend. 

Focus areas of my work as PMI certified Project Management Professionals® are:

  • Organizational analysis and process optimization
  • Project management and development of management structures for major projects and programs, e.g.


Functional specification as well as (IT) employee and service provider management in software development projects


Planning, implementation/customizing and introduction of standard hardware and software projects


Specification and introduction of management and business intelligence systems


Consulting in software and service provider selection


Change and stakeholder management in international carve-outs and outsourcing projects
Digital transformation (IT infrastructure virtualization, process automation, digitization strategies)

We bundle the necessary internal and external competencies and coordinate people, exchange and deadlines.
So you achieve your goals "in time, in scope, in budget" – without impairment of your day-to-day business.   


In a rapidly evolving world, companies can improve their market opportunities by effectively coordinating rapid, tactical moves and building effective ecosystems with customers and partners. 

This openness and agility will only be achieved if the employees fully engage with all their abilities: initiative, reliability, creativity, expertise, experience and communicative competence.
Important basic rules of successful change processes are therefore:

  • Consistency through strategic-systematic approach
  • Transparency and orientation through a common process framework
  • Appreciation through communication and direct participation of those affected
  • Credibility: trust as a result of consistent communication and "fairness"

As external change agents, we use the expertise available in the functional departments of our customers to form temporary project teams for the transformation process. The instruments we use on a case-by-case basis support the analysis of the status quo and the deduction of change objectives by vivid visualization. This significantly facilitates discussion and communication about change.


Experience shows that an Interim Manager becomes fully efficient within 14 days whereas permanent managers are granted 100 days for first results. 

Interim Manager are not only involved as „consulting“sparrings partner or coaches in problem analysis and/or concept design, but are supporting operations and implementation in line functions as temporary team, department or division lead. Therefore, interim managers can help you in critical situations as well as in emergencies of staff shortages. On average, our assignment lasts from six to twelve months, but is flexible to be extended on demand.  

As Interim Managers we are engaged on the basis of our professional and methodical competence. For example, we work in the following roles and functions:

Result: Captain and crew stay on bord, the pilot supports the team with his specific knowledge and then disembarks; merits and achievements stay with the team.  

We have summarized the most important arguments and advantages of an Interim Collaboration in an one-page presentation.


Here is a short explanation of my consulting concept: